Tom is a new Freshman at Degrassi.

Gender Male
Date of Birth 1998
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Job Student
School(s) Degrassi
First Episode Papaoutai (101)

Last Episode


Still on the show

Still on the show  

In Papaoutaihe is seen arriving in Paris, where he says that he finds gay people wierd.  Later, Tom's diary falls out of his backpack on the oage where he is judging gay people, and Tristan walks out angrily. He is then seen talking to Maya, who says that Tristan is easily offended,and that he will come around.

In Scream & ShoutTom is still trying to seek forgiving from Tristan, and when he hears that Tristan ran away and that Winston and Maya are going to find hm, Tom secretly tags along. When he trips and falls in front of them, they tell him that he is a freak. He then goes and looks arond for a fast food restaurant. He then Spots Tristan and runs over to him. When Tristan asks him why he hates gay people he doesn't even know what to say. He then says he doesn't want to talk to him and walks off into the street, where he is almost run over by a car. When he is at the home and the 3 arrive, they tell him not to come over. Suddenly Tom realizes that he hates gay people, because he is gay. 

In Hold, On We're Going Homehe is mentioned by Matt that he came out to Matt. Later he is shown making friends with Winston. 

In Timber he is seen in church when the youth minister calls out gay people as stupid. He then disses the Youth Leader, and everyone is happy with him. He later says that this is not over.