Season 1 is the first season. The first episode was posted on August 25th.

Season 1
Episodes 16
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Papaoutai Legacy


Season 1 contained 30 characters. 10 of these do not appear in season 13 of the original Degrassi.

Graduates (Class of 2013)Edit

  • Eli Goldsworthy - A talented writer who struggles with Bipolar Disorder, and also helps Matt cope with the same illness
  • Katie Matlin - Maya Matlin's sister who helps Maya through difficult times.
  • Jake Martin - A friendly gardener who is wondering what he needs to achieve in life.

Seniors (Class of 2014)Edit

  • Becky Baker - A bubbly christian who is friends with Tom
  • Alli Bhandari - A friendly girl who has struggled with boys in the past, and is ready to start again.
  • Mike Dallas - Captain of the Toronto Ice Hounds, and has the difficult task of raising a son.
  • Connor DeLaurier - A gifted student with Asperger's Syndrome and technology skills learning to be social.
  • Clare Edwards - A friendly and outgoing best friend to Alli who has recently battled cancer.
  • Jenna Middleton - A talented singer who is trying to fit in as a senior.
  • Imogen Moreno - An outsider realizing she needs to move on after her devastating break-up.
  • Drew Torres - The friendly, popular Student Body President coping with the death of his Brother.
  • Dave Turner - A controversial and funny laides man trying to become cooler

Juniors (Class of 2015)Edit

  • Luther Blackshire - A popular kid with an abusive father who copes by drinking and bullying
  • Zack Patterson - A bisexual outsider who is trying to make new friends after an incident at his old school.
  • James Smith - A homophobic jock who is also the school bully

Sophomores (Class of 2016)Edit

  • Winston Chu - A smart and sarcastic wingman who is trying to find the right girl
  • Miles Hollingsworth III - A son of a billionare who was expelled from his private school because of Arson.
  • Matt Klidesly - A friendly person who is loyal, isn't scared to voice his opinion, and is coping with the death of his father and Bipolar Disorder.
  • Maya Matlin - A friendly girl who is coping with her boyfriends suicide.
  • Tristan Milligan - A loud and proud gay boy who is also Maya's best friend
  • Zig Novak - A skateboarder and musician who is insicure about his poverty
  • Sally Ridgewell - A girl struggling with Depression after getting raped.
  • Zoe Rivas - A former West Drive star with a passion for fashion who uses looks, charm, and deviousness to get her way.

Freshmen (Class of 2017)Edit

  • Tom Fanning - A boy realizing that homosexuality is still difficult for some people
  • Frankie Hollingsworth -  A sweet and sassy freshman and Miles's younger sister
  • Rebekah Frontier - The friendly Freshman who starts up a band and is Frankie's best friend
  • Wendy Cleveland - A current West Drive star who enrolls at Degrassi just to annoy Zoe Rivas, the former West Drive Star.


  • Winne Oh - The strict-yet-attractive media immersions and band teacher.
  • Archie Simpson - The school's fair and understanding principal and alumni of Degrassi.
  • Ellie Nash - A failed journalist restarting her life as a teacher at her own school.