Same Love is the eighth episode of Season 1.

Same Love
Season 1, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date November 17th 2013
Written by Mattgaren
Directed by Mattgaren
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Secrets Come And Get It

Writer: MattgarenEdit


Jake has a major announcement, Eli and Clare hit a bump in the road, Tom decides to hold a protest, and Alli gets an interesting offer, but that includes meeting her ex.

Plot 1: JakeEdit

I'm back from university. I hated it. I tried and failed, I just couldn't do it. I missed home, and also Katie. But I know what I want to do now, I am sure of it. I walk up to Clare and suprise her. She is happy to see me. I know that this will go fine, and she wants to see Eli, I should probably say hi to him to..

Plot 2: EliEdit

Clare and Jake says hi to me. Jake wants to go see Katie, typical. Me and Clare have been having a great time together. I may be at NYU, but I am back for 3 weeks, and I am happy to see Clare. We had sex last night, which was uncomfortable, but it only brings us closer.

Plot 3: TomEdit

I started a petition to get my youth leader fired. Becky is by my side and is my good friend, and even though she is a very passionate christian, even she thinks that the youth leader is a homophobe. Some people are suggesting a protest, and maybe I will do that...

Plot 4: AlliEdit

Mr. Simpson wanted to see me in his office today, and Dave is coming with me. Dallas, Zig and Tristan are coming along. Mr. Simpson gives us a form. An exchange semester in England...

Plot 2: EliEdit

Eli walks up to Clare

Eli: Hey Clare!

Clare: Hey Eli! What is it?

Eli: Nothing. I am just happy to see you.

(Matt walks up to them)

Matt: Hey!

Clare: Oh hey Matt Eli is back from NYU for a few weeks!

Matt: Oh hey!

Eli: Hey Matt! How are you doing with your meds?

Matt: Great! Anyway Clare could I talk to you for a minute

(Clare looks at Eli)

Eli: It's fine, I will go say hi to Mr. Simpson.

Clare: What is it?

Matt: I don't want to bring you down, but there is somethnig I want to show you.

(Clare looks at Matt's phone in shock

Plot 1: JakeEdit

(Jake is afraid to go home and have to speak to his dad about university, but he has to.)

Jake; Dad?

Helen: Jake?

Jake: Hey, Helen. Um, is my dad here?

Helen: No, but I am, you can talk to me.

Jake: Well okay.

Helen: Do you want some tea?

Jape: Sure

(Jake and Helen sit down)

Helen: So why are you here?

Jake: I couldn't do it. I couldn't do university. It was too hard.

Helen: But you barely did one semester?

Jake: I know, I knew from the start that it would be difficult.

Helen: Well I will stand by you in speaking to your father.

Jake: Thanks Helen.

Plot 4: AlliEdit

(Alli walks up to Dallas, Zig, Tristan and Dave talking about England, and they are excited)

Alli: So guys, excited for England?

Tristan: Duh! We get to be there fir the rest of our high school lives!

Dallas: It is pretty rad!

Zig: I am excited.

Alli: Good! I am excited to go.

(Clare walks up to Alli)

Clare; ALLI!

(The others walk off)

Alli: Hi..

Clare: You're leaving me? Making me run student council alone?

Alli: I'm sorry, but I can't miss this oppurtunity!

Clare: Save it.

Alli: Clare!

Clare: I need to see Eli.

(Clare walks off)

Plot 3: TomEdit


  • This episode is named after Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
  • This episode is the first episode of 1C
  • It is revealed that Clare runs the Student council.