Sally Ridgewell is a Sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi. She struggles with getting raped in Scream & Shout.

In Papaoutai she is first seen at the summer day camp with Matt. She is asked on a date by Matt, but when he calls it off because his dad showed up, she gets angry and stays angry.

In Scream & Shoutshe furst introduces herself. She defines herself as poor, and she lives in the poor district. She is walking through an allyway when she is pulled off her feet. She wakes up the next morning with a hangover. She doesn't know why because she can't remember anything. She checks her Facebook and sees that a John Farson is talking about a one-night stand with her, a picture is also displayed. She is so sad and frustrated that she goes to the bathroom and cuts herself. 

The next day people are making fun of her on the school bus and in the halls. She tells her mom, who starts sobbing. She also cuts herself again in the school bathroom. 

In Hold On, We're Going HomeDave makes fun of her and some people defend her, including Ellie Nash. Later, she goes to talk to Ellie, and Ellie sees the cuts on her arm. Sally leaves shocked. Later Ellie goes to look for Sally, and when she finds her, Ellie explains that she also used to cut, and they bond. Sally later goes to talk to Mrs. Soviet.

In Degrassi Takes The South Part 1she bumps into Connor and Connor insults her, and she is very angry and says that he eats asperugus (Aspergers).

In Degrassi Takes The South Part 2she looks for Connor. Connor is angry and says that she shouldn't have said what she said. Jenna says she needs to chill, and Sally walks off again. Later Jenna and Sally make up.


  • Sally is one of 6 characters to not appear in Season 13 of the original Degrassi.