Matt is a Sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi. He struggles with the loss of his Father and being bipolar. He is best freinds with Tom


Gender Male
Date of Birth 1998
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Job Student
School(s) Degrassi
First Episode Papaoutai (101)

Last Episode


Still on the show

Still on the show

Season 1Edit

In Papaoutai, he is working at the Day Care, with Drew, Imogen and Adam. He tells that his mother is strict becasue of what happenned to his dad. He says that Sally Seems Nice. Later he is getting ready to go get the Ice cream with Sally. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. His dad comes in and says he loves him, but his mom is very angry and becasue of this his dad storms off. He then calls off his date with Sally to comfort his mom. The next day Sally tells him that he is a jerk, a few seconds later Ellie comes in and tells Matt to come to the principals office. His mom is there with Mr. Simpson. He tells him that his dad committed suicide last night. He is shocked, even though he had only met him once.

In Scream & Shouthe is still struggling with the fact that his dad is dead, and when he confronts his mom asking why they split up, his mother doesn't answer, which makes him run away to his aunt, Emily Nunez. His cousin is revealed to be Alex Nunez. Emily later explains that he was addicted to drugs and that his mother kicked him out. Matt's dad then injured his mother and tried to throw Matt out of the window. He then runs out quickly. He is very mad with his mother.

In Hold, On We're Going Homeduring lunch time, he gets dizzy and faints. He also has flashbacks to the moment where Adam took the car keys. He later wakes up in the hospital where he is diagnosed Bipolar and that he has PTSD. Eli tells him that he will help him to deal with being bipolar.