Degrassi Takes The South Part 3
Season 1, Episode 6
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Air date October 21 2013
Written by Mattgaren
Directed by Mattgaren
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Degrassi Takes The South: Part 3 is Part 3, posted on October 21st.


When Jim confronts Maya in Disney World, and when a weekend trip to Nashville goes drasticcly wrong, does this mean the end for someone?

Plot 1: MayaEdit

Jim: Maya!

Maya: Um, get away from me!

Jim: Stay here!

(Jim grabs her arm)

Maya: Let go of me.

(Jim violently pulls her into the bushes.)

Jim: Just stay with me.

(He touches her private areas.)

Maya: Please, get away from me. Please.

(Maya tries to scream for help, but Jim holds her mouth)

Jim: There there, just stay with me, I won't hurt you...

Plot 2: MattEdit

(Matt, Eli, Ellie and Clare have gone to the Miley Cyrus concert, and are heading back to the hotel room.)

Eli: I mean, I know she is going naked and all, but she is an amazing singer.

Clare: I know amazing!

Eli: Too bad Ellie got tired. I mean, she missed the last half hour, but it is ok.

Matt: Well I am glad I could tag along!

Eli: Of course no problem!

Clare: I am glad you could come.

(They return to the hotel)

Clare: Well I am tired.

Eli: Same here.

Matt: Well then lets go!

(They walk up the stairs to their room. The door is open)

Eli: What the hell?

Plot 1: MayaEdit

Tristan: Hey Miles, do you know where Maya is?

Miles: No, why?

Tristan: Well, I ditched her and I feel bad. And she isn't picking up her cell.

Miles: Sorry I have no clue. Maybe she went on the Mount Everest with Zoe, I saw them walk off.

Zoe: I heard my name!

Tristan: Wait. If you are here....... and Maya isn't with you... then..

Zoe: Get to the point please you are boring me.



Jim: Okay, so I am going to take you to my place, where we can engage in some more private matters.

Maya: Are you going to RAPE me?

Jim: Who knows..

Plot 2: MattEdit

(Eli runs over to Ellie)

Eli: What are you doing?

Ellie: I don't know, what am I getting in to? I am a nut case

Matt: Clare, call 9-1-1!

Clare: Not like it's the first time.

Eli: Okay it is all going to be okay. Just step away from it.

Ellie: But I love him.

Matt: Oh god.

Clare: The ambulance will be here any second.

Ellie: No, No, please!

Clare: I knew this was a bad idea.

Plot 1Edit

(Jim and Maya are driving)

Jim: So how is your school.

(Maya starts screaming but Jim slaps her)

Maya: Let go of me

(They start swerving around the road until suddenly Jim loses control)

Jim: Let go of me!

(He reaches into his dashboard just as the car hits a pole)

(A few minutes later)

Police Agent: Yes, we have a girl in this car, looks about 14 or 15 years old.

Caller: Is there a driver?

Police Agent: No 

Plot 2: MattEdit

(The 4 are back in Toronto, at an instutute with Ellie)

Clare: Ellie, are you going to be alright?

Ellie: Yes, I was very drunk, but that doesn't excuse what I did.

Matt: I am very glad you are okay.

Ellie: Thank you

(A woman walks up to them)

Woman: Welcome! Are you ready, um, Eleanor Nash?

Ellie: It is just Ellie, and yes.

Woman: Well, great Ellie.

(They leave)

Clare: Well that was an interesting ending to us skipping school.

Eli: Who would have thought.

Plot 1: MayaEdit

(The tenners are back in Toronto, includng Maya. She has not broken anything, but was knocked unconscious)

Maya: I am ready to start a new day

Zig: Really?

Tristan: Are you sure?

Maya: Don't talk to me Tristan, next time stop ditching me.

Zig: Ouch.

Miles: Well at least we all came back in one piece!

Zoe: Yeah, that is good right?

Maya: Well I suppose, but he is still out there.

Winston: Don't worry, you will be fine, I am sure of it, we will all make sure.

Miles: Yes.

Tristan: Screw this.

(Tristan walks off)

Miles: Wow.

(Matt walks in)

Matt: Hey, what is going down?

Maya: I would rather not talk about it.

Matt: Well I skipped school to go to a Miley Cyrus concert.

Winston: Lucky!

Zig: How did you pull that off?

Matt: You have no idea..