Degrassi Take The South Part 1
Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date September 10 2013
Written by Mattgaren
Directed by Mattgaren
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Hold On, We're Going Home Degrassi Takes The South Part 2


The students of Degrassi go to the southern states of the USA! But even there there is drama.


For my own pleasure, this whole 3 parter will be written in script form

Plot 1: MayaEdit

(Maya and Tristan walk into the classroom)

Maya: First Paris, and now.

Tristan and Maya: ORLANDO

(Zoe walks up)

Zoe: Yes, Orlando that place where they fun roller coasters and dolphins!

Maya: I know, cool right.

Zoe: Yeah, I hate dolphins.

(They sit down)

Maya: Knowing you, you will blow up the roller coaster I will sit in.

Zoe: I will sure try!

Tristan: Ugh, why are you such a Bitch?

Zoe: I like being the boss, instead of you idiots.

Mr. Armstrong: OK, please hand in your permission slips, now!

Maya: Orlando here we come!

Plot 2: Matt Edit

(Matt walks up to Clare)

Matt: Clare!

Clare: Oh hi Matt!

Matt: I'm so glad you are better!

Clare: Thanks! So, what schemes are you doing today?

Matt: I am done with schemes!

Clare: You sure

(Suddenly Eli runs in)


Clare: Eli, you aren't even a student anymore.

Eli: I know, but we won tickets, to Miley Cyrus!

Clare: Miley, I love her!

Eli: One problem, it's in Nashville.

Clare: Nashville? As in Tennessee?

Eli: ROAD trip baby!

Matt: Can I come with?

Eli: Sure we got 4 tickets!

Matt: Ok! I will get my things now!

Eli: Sweet, I will get the car.

Plot 1: MayaEdit

(Maya is at the airport)

Maya: I will miss you guys!

Margaret: Yeah, right!

Katie: Did you even think about us in Paris?

Maya: Yeah, of course I did!

(Mr. Armstrong calls Maya)

Maya: Ok, this is it! Bye!

Katie: Bye!

(Later, on the airplane)

Stewardess: Please, put your tray tables up.

Maya: We are ready to go.

(Suddenly her phone buzzes, she picks it up)

Unknown Caller: Hi Maya, I love you

Stewardess: Hey! Put that away!

Maya: What the hell is this?

(She sits down. And thinks..)

Plot 2: MattEdit

(Eli and Matt are packing the car)

(Clare walks up)

Clare: Are you sure we will be able to pull this off.

Matt: Yes, of course we can. As long as no teachers see us.

Eli: Clare, don't worry.

(They kiss)

Matt: Ah, young love!

(They both look at him)

Matt: Sorry..

(Suddenly Ellie walks up)

Ellie: What the hell is this?

Matt: Um, nothing, Miss Nash.

Ellie: I don't buy it.

Clare: Um, Miss Nash

Ellie: Please, call me Ellie!

Eli: Hi, my name is Eli

Ellie: Hi Eli!

Clare: Anyway, I'm sorry Ellie, we won tickets to Miley Cyrus, in Nashville. So, we are headed there.

Ellie: Well, I am going to have to report this to Principal Simpson.

Clare: NO! Please!

Ellie: Unless, I can come with!

Eli: Well, we do have an extra ticket!

(Ellie jumps in the car)

Ellie: Let's go!

(They all get in)

Matt: Nashville, here we come!

Plot 1: MayaEdit

(The class arrives in Orlando. Maya is still wodering about the text that she recieved)

Maya: Do you know who this could be?

Zoe: I am supposed to know? By the way, I dont gice a crap.

Maya: Tristan?

Tristan: Sorry, can't help you there.

Maya: Oh, yes! They have cell phone cervice here, let me turn it on.

(She turns on her wifi and 3G. She has 43 new messages)

Maya: Tristan!

(Tristan is looking at the hot dogs)

Tristan: Wouldn't you love one of these?

Maya: Tristan!

Tristan: What?

(He looks at the posts. 'I love you' 'Please talk to me' and 'Have sex with me' are some of the messages)

Maya: What am I supposed to do?

Tristan: I don't know, I have never had to deal with an internet stalker.

Maya: Well, now I am in  Florida, so I will make the best of it.

(Maya walks off)

(Tristan stands alone. Suddenly he hears Zoe talking to someone on the phone)

Zoe: Are you sure this is going to work?

Zoe: O.K. Thanks

(Tristan runs to Maya)

Tristan: There isn't anything to worry about.

Plot 2: MattEdit

(After hours of driving, everyone is tired.)

Eli: I am so tired.

Ellie: Yeah, well you are lucky I can drive!

Clare: Thanks Ellie, you are definetly are one of the coolest teachers around!

Ellie: Thanks!

(They see the Welcome in Tennessee Sign)

Matt: Yes! We are here!

Eli: Well, not yet.

(After  a while..)

Clare: Are we there yet? Then we can go to a hotel and sleep! It is already like 9 o'clock

(They all laugh)

Plot 1: MayaEdit

(Maya is is in the hotel room. She is alone)

Maya: Wow, this is beautiful! Why am I talking to myself?

(Suddenly her phone buzzes, she is recieving a call. She picks up)

Maya: Hello

Caller: Hi Darling.

Maya: Is this some kind of prank?

Caller: You didn't recieve my texts?

Maya: What the hell is your problem?

Caller: I love you. I know all about you.

Maya: You are freaking me out.

Caller: So when I heard you were gonna be in Orlando I was even more happy.

Maya: Um, why?

Caller: I moved here, just for you.

Maya: I am gonna hang up now.

Caller: See you at Disneyland.

(Maya Hangs Up. She looks shocked.)

Plot 3: SallyEdit

(Sally is walking through the halls)

Jenna: Don't you just love life?

Connor: Yes I do.

(Sally walks right into Connor)

Sally: Ouch!

Connor: Oh, I am sorry little girl.

Jenna: Connor!

Connor: What? I mean she is female and small?

Sally: WOW! You have a sucky nutjob boyfriend Jenna.

Connor: I have aspergers.

Sally: So you eat asperigus?

(She walks off angry)

Jenna: Good job Connor.

Plot 1: MayaEdit

(Maya runs to Tristan)

Maya: You said that there was nothing to worry about!

Tristan: It is Zoe pranking you!

(Maya runs up to Zoe and slaps her. Zoe is shocked)

Zoe: What was that for?

Maya: You pranking me.

Zoe: What?

Tristan: I overheard you on the phone at the airport.

Zoe: YEAH. It's my birthday, and I wanted a cake deliverd. UGH.

(Zoe Walks off)

Maya: So there really is a predator out there looking for me.

Tristan: It could be a troll Maya.

Maya: Maybe..

To Be Continued


This is the first appearence of Jenna Middleton and Katie Matlin.

This episode is named after Crazy Kids - Ke$ha and Will.I.Am